Equifax Hack – Your First Steps

Several people have asked what steps to take to protect themselves, particularly their electronic identity, in the wake of the Equifax hack.  Here are some suggested steps that, while not guaranteed to provide protection, at least give you an idea of things I’m doing with some links to make it easier.   Steps Get a… Continue reading Equifax Hack – Your First Steps

Identification Performed by Humans

Identification is a process whereby an identity claim is made and evaluated.   Organic Operations Humans do this very naturally when we learn one another’s look, voice, walk and other mannerisms.  The more intimately we know someone the more difficult it is to forge or impersonate that identity in our presence. The complexity of identification is compounded… Continue reading Identification Performed by Humans

5:30 Sunday Morning

5:30 and I’ve been up a couple of hours reading scientific, DoD, DARPA & infosec papers in “active authentication.” #cantsleep God bless people who think identity is easy. Assertion, validation, authentication, re-evaluation … we humans do this so organically & yet we’re unbelievably horrible at judging character. Now we expect machines to learn effectively how… Continue reading 5:30 Sunday Morning

Disney Identity Starts With 80,000 Customers

SecureID News reports that Disneys MagicBand IDs are a great success, having been used by some 80,000 attendees in 2014.  The enhancement cost $1 billion and should open new revenue streams or enhance existing ones by EoY, 2014. I would expect an interesting increase in traffic over Disney’s backbone to keep up with near real-time response needed… Continue reading Disney Identity Starts With 80,000 Customers