Why One Hack Is Different From Another For Consumers

I often field questions about what certain news stories mean in general and to the person asking me.  These questions tend to include “what should I do” followed by “is that what you’re doing?” First – As the About page states, these are my views and not indicative of any employer or any other associate… Continue reading Why One Hack Is Different From Another For Consumers

Delivery IS Business

Business [W]hether your business’ core competencies involve products, services or legally binding promises, delivery is a measuring stick that’s used to evaluate you. Do you deliver what customers want ahead of the industry?  Do you deliver it better or cheaper.  Do you deliver a different experience; are you a boutique for your industry? Regardless of… Continue reading Delivery IS Business

Legacy Risk Corollary

Risk management encompasses risks to privacy, network, process, brand, etc.  I’m interested in a juncture of two threat vectors in this post. Legacy, in this context, refers to things that have been in-place for a long time.  Often they are heavily depended upon so that they cannot easily be replaced without significant cost and concurrent risk.… Continue reading Legacy Risk Corollary

Architecture in General

Architecture is a strategic & holistic art/discipline that result in sets of views allowing people from different backgrounds and viewpoints to communicate & evaluate effectively about conceptual, logical and technical merits across any number of boundaries; real or perceived, technical, social or political. The end result of successful architecture should be decision-making based on accurate… Continue reading Architecture in General

Will the metric system fail us?

The linked GigaOm article may include some scientific tongue-in-cheek but the gap described is real.  Currently ~an exebyte of data is generated daily.  The metric system only has two official larger orders of magnitude:  Zettabyte –       1000000000000000000000 Yottabyte – 1000000000000000000000000   For most of us this isn’t a problem.  I keep terabytes of storage… Continue reading Will the metric system fail us?