5:30 Sunday Morning

5:30 and I’ve been up a couple of hours reading scientific, DoD, DARPA & infosec papers in “active authentication.” #cantsleep

God bless people who think identity is easy. Assertion, validation, authentication, re-evaluation … we humans do this so organically & yet we’re unbelievably horrible at judging character. Now we expect machines to learn effectively how to authenticate until someone has a cold or tension or develops a physical ailment or their nerves simply degenerate sufficiently for the algorithms to mistake them for someone else.

Have you ever run into someone that’s changed perceptibly over a few months? Have you ever mentioned to you’re significant other that you ran into someone they may see as a threat to your relationship? Noticed any physical reactions?

Have you ever seen how effectively some people can mimic others? Have you ever had your retinal data compromised & had to request a new set of eyes so you could log in to your bank account or your work computer?

Identification is significantly complex.

I’m up at 5:40 after a couple of hours of reading papers.