After demonstrating leadership in technology and business for several decades, the Dude now works as a technical architect in enterprise risk management and security at a large, international disability insurer.

I’ve been a small business owner in technology, taught at a local college, been an implementor, an administrator, developer, analyst, consultant and now an architect in information security and risk management.  I’ve been blessed with success in small local and regional businesses and large, multinational corporation that are highly regulated.  I currently work for a company that’s about midway in the Fortune 500.

I have hard-won experience at scale up to and including enterprise level vertical line-of-business apps (LoB), content management systems (CMS), service oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise architecture (EA), Javascript and various compiled languages.

My comments are my own and, while informed by all my experience, do not reflect any particular position of any company I’ve ever worked for; they are entirely my own.

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