Creatively Exposing Your Business to Risk

There are many ways a business can be exposed to risks and some of them can seem like great ideas. While I visiting a retail location recently, I noticed this sign.     The agency’s commitment to resource conservation is commendable and their creative approach seems to empower all customers while lowering the social bar… Continue reading Creatively Exposing Your Business to Risk

Delivery IS Business

Business [W]hether your business’ core competencies involve products, services or legally binding promises, delivery is a measuring stick that’s used to evaluate you. Do you deliver what customers want ahead of the industry?  Do you deliver it better or cheaper.  Do you deliver a different experience; are you a boutique for your industry? Regardless of… Continue reading Delivery IS Business

What Are Controls (Safeguards)?

Controls are logical mechanisms applied in an effort to reduce risk. This may feel vague because the term is primarily an abstract, logical entity that has specific implementations and humans like more concrete, implementable things. Architecturally these entities sit at the logical layer but have concrete instances that are implemented by contextualizing the qualities of… Continue reading What Are Controls (Safeguards)?

Corporate Decision Making: HiPPO

I just listened to Andrew McAfee of MIT’s Sloan School of Managment and Harvard Business’ HBR Voices in a webcast presented by Oracle on Big Data. Late in the webcast Mr (presumably Dr) McAfee stated that decision making based on Highest Priced Person’s Opinion (HiPPO) was less effective and should be transitioned to a more egalitarian… Continue reading Corporate Decision Making: HiPPO