Disney Identity Starts With 80,000 Customers


SecureID News reports that Disneys MagicBand IDs are a great success, having been used by some 80,000 attendees in 2014.  The enhancement cost $1 billion and should open new revenue streams or enhance existing ones by EoY, 2014.

I would expect an interesting increase in traffic over Disney’s backbone to keep up with near real-time response needed to maintain the immersive quality.  I wonder if they’re using solely hardware-based encryption for the database or layering that with content (i.e., field-level encryption) for added confidentiality controls.

We’ve had a couple of families we know use the MagicBands and MyMagic+ earlier this year and everyone seemed to appreciate the ease-of-use.

From the company’s perspective:

When you make [the logistics] easier, people tend to spend more time on entertainment and more time on consumables—be that food and beverage, merchandise, etc.
Disney CFO, Jay Rasulo (Nov 2013)


Disney’s Privacy Policy FAQ.