FedRAMP Status

  Over three years into the program that allows US government agencies to use Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), there are 75 authorized products. Most federal agencies currently use five or less of the authorized cloud offerings, other agencies use these offerings extensively. The top five agencies with the most authorizations are: Department of Defense – 37 authorizations Department… Continue reading FedRAMP Status

New Paradigm, Same Old Humans

In the last two weeks three major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Evernote, Feedly & Code Spaces, endured Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. For Code Spaces the attacks continued, changed tactics & caused that company to close. Who doesn’t make use of distributed services these days?  From Facebook to Feedly to Evernote.  We keep our… Continue reading New Paradigm, Same Old Humans


Cloud First & Federal Controls – discussion from Federal News Radio

Federal News Radio Alex Grohmann of Morgan Franklin and John Dyson of Deloitte for a discussion of the controls imposed on the federal Cloud First initiative by NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP.   No joke, it can be a grind to listen to even though the participants have fun.  I found some real meat around minute… Continue reading Cloud First & Federal Controls – discussion from Federal News Radio