Cool Tool For Passwords

If you want to generate strong passwords but you don’t want to store them in the Cloud or on your hard drive Passera is a handy tool for you.



You can come up with your own passphrase of up to 64 characters, enter it into Passera and use the resulting hash as your password for a site.  In this way the hash that you use for your password isn’t stored; you simply keep the passphrase.

By hashing your passphrase with Passera you can use a relatively simple phrase to generate a strong password for any site.

The drawback is that you have to remember your passphrase but as I’ve mentioned before, phrases are easier for people to remember than random characters.

It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.


CAVEAT: I’ve not tested this software.  My excitement is about the approach to generating strong passwords from easy-to-remember phrases.