FedRAMP Status

  Over three years into the program that allows US government agencies to use Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), there are 75 authorized products. Most federal agencies currently use five or less of the authorized cloud offerings, other agencies use these offerings extensively. The top five agencies with the most authorizations are: Department of Defense – 37 authorizations Department… Continue reading FedRAMP Status

Can Facebook Likes Lead to Prison?

[T]hey can for some people who take advantage of them to figure out where and upon whom to perpetrate fraud.   [pullquote]The conspirators were able to [su_highlight background=”#F3F315″ color=”#000000″ class=””]steal the identities of people who had indicated on social media that they “liked” certain retailers.[/su_highlight][/pullquote]   On Sept 8, 2014 Renata Galvan was sentenced to… Continue reading Can Facebook Likes Lead to Prison?

Current Event: International Man of Privacy

Early in August I commented on the implications of a US district court’s judgement that Microsoft had to turn over e-mail from alleged UK nationals who’s e-mail stored in a data center in Ireland. At the time of the judgement the judge stayed the ruling pending Microsoft’s appeal.  This appears to have been a procedural mistake.… Continue reading Current Event: International Man of Privacy