Cloud Benefits: Pay-as-you-go

“… Informational Technology expenses can be high, if consumed all at once ….”The New Normal, The Arrington Group IT expenses (servers, software licenses and skilled personnel) cost a LOT of money. ¬†Traditionally some of these items were seen as assets for a company. ¬†Assets can be justified as investments; that is to say that I… Continue reading Cloud Benefits: Pay-as-you-go

Cloud First, US Gov Style (FedRAMP)

“Cloud first” is an approach I’ve heard articulated as a means to delivering on business objectives. ¬†The policy I’ve heard has referenced if not been predicated on the fact that the US government is implementing this policy in their federal agencies. My first thought: how is the government accomplishing such a presumably agile, flexible and… Continue reading Cloud First, US Gov Style (FedRAMP)