Information Security Costs May Be Delayed But At What Price

[S]oftware solutions delivered to market cost money. Secure software solutions or products and services with critical dependency on secure software solutions cost more money.  Hospira is finding this out with its older medical pumps in the Symbiq line.


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Fiat Chrysler is finding out what fixing a problem in production costs. Their security oversight? People can control the vehicle because of a security gap in the radio.

“The FDA says health care providers should disconnect the pumps from their networks and update their drug libraries manually — a process the agency warns can be labor intensive and prone to error.”
Citing Hacking Risk, FDA Says Hospira Pump Shouldn’t Be Used NY Times published 07/31/2015, retrieved 08/02/2015


Poor security architecture, engineering or allowing teams to proceed in implementing with little or no security leads multiple companies to millions of dollars in remediation, breach responses and brand equity.  This increases the cost of solutions but is hidden from expense calculations because it comes after the product or service is delivered.